Acupuncture is a process of stimulating certain points in your body to help ease chronic pain. Within the heuristic of acupuncture “vital energy” is the key to health and wellness. Not unlike traditional medicine which monitors blood flow across the human nervous system, acupuncturist believe the same “vital energy” moves across meridians and channels in your body. Here at Orange Wellness South our doctors are well-trained practitioners using sterile needles properly inserted into your skin.


We’re proud to partner with Dr. Anis Khalaf and Acupuncture Fit, allow us to blend Eastern and Western medicine, bettering the health of out patients. To learn more about Dr. Khalaf, please visit

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Acupuncture treatment has been known to alleviate common types of pain associated with the lower back, neck and knee. Other common types of pain treated by acupuncture are headache pains: tension headaches and migraine headaches. A question often asked is, “does acupuncture hurt”? The needles used in a session are thinner than any needle you’re thinking of, also they are solid, not hollow like the traditional needle. You won’t even feel the flexible bendable needle that is only inserted into the skin, not the muscle, like getting a shot.