April Patient of The Month – Palmer Tagle

Meet Palmer Tagle, our Orange Wellness Patient of the Month for April. Palmer is a patient at our South location in Hunters Creek.

Palmer is a relatively recent member of our Orange Wellness family. He came to us in September 2016 when he was suffering from sciatic pain. He was referred by his dermatologist and was also impressed with our Google reviews. He came in for a consultation with Dr. Gadiel Vargas and was impressed by Dr. Gadiel’s kindness and personal attention.

Dr. Gadiel told Palmer he needed an MRI before treating him with his type of pain. Palmer appreciated this attention to careful and safe treatment. After a few initial adjustments, he was told he was a good candidate for Vax-D, or Spinal Decompression.

After completing all of his Vax-D treatments, Palmer is very happy to report that he feels better than he’s felt in three years. The treatments made an amazing difference. He didn’t miss a single appointment and midway through the treatments he could feel a huge improvement. At the time he was treating, Dr. Kenn was still at South Orange Wellness before moving to our Apopka Office. Dr. Kenn showed him how to adjust his golf stance. So, not only has Palmer’s back improved, but his golf game has improved as well!

Palmer has been a believer in chiropractic for many years and will be continuing with his maintenance visits to make sure he feels his best. He credits chiropractic with keeping his spine strong. Many years ago, he had a bad fall off of a roof, which could have been catastrophic. Instead he received a minor compound fracture instead of a broken spine. Although he can’t “prove” it, he believes that his injuries were less than horrific because of years of chiropractic adjustments that kept his spine in good condition.

He looks forward to his visits and always feels welcome at Orange Wellness. “Lisa and Yisel do a great job. They are very kind and personable. Even though they are busy, they always make time to greet ME and say hello. Both Kelly’s are so helpful too.”

What would Palmer recommend to anyone considering the benefits of chiropractic? Without hesitation Palmer says “Get regular maintenance care and adjustments. Don’t wait until you’re in pain to see a chiropractor. You will feel so much better if you do this.”

Dr. Jeff, Dr. Gadiel and the staff look forward to seeing Palmer on all of his visits and are so glad they are able to help him feel his best!