August Patient of the Month (South)- Seth Garcia

Meet Seth Garcia, our Orange Wellness Patient of the Month for August. He is a patient at our South location in Hunters Creek and has been a member of our Orange Wellness family for about 9 years.

In April 2008 Seth was in a serious automobile accident and we treated him for his injuries. He was doing alright for a while and then had a relapse. After having an MRI he learned he had a herniated disc and was treated with spinal decompression. This made a world of difference to him and he’s feeling great now. Seth explains that while going through the treatment, he learned so much about his body and how not to ignore it. He stretches 10-15 minutes every day and has a spinal decompression treatment once a month or if he has a flare up.

Seth explains that Dr. Jeff is awesome when it comes to sharing his knowledge. “He doesn’t just tell me to do something, but explains why I should do it and how it will help me feel my best. Maintenance is very important to staying focused and healthy. He really listens to my concerns. Not every doctor does. Everyone in the office is pleasant and flexible.”

Since Seth has been a patient for about 9 years, he feels like he has grown up with the South Orange family. He started at the old office on Orange Blossom Trail and then came to our current office. “It’s hi-tech, modern and has a great layout. Everyone is so organized.”

Seth loves his active lifestyle. Swimming is a particular favorite sport of his. Now that he’s on a maintenance program, he feels good most of the time. “I’ve come a long way from dealing with injuries and herniated discs. And most importantly, I’ve learned so much about how to keep my body healthy.”


Dr. Jeff and the staff look forward to seeing Seth on all of his visits and are so glad they are able to help him feel his best!