Dr. Gadiel Vargas – Staff Spotlight

Dr. Gadiel Vargas_2

Welcome back to our Staff Spotlight. This month, meet Dr. Gadiel Vargas, one of our South Orange Wellness chiropractors.

Dr. Gadiel has been helping patients feel their best at South Orange Wellness & Injury Center for almost three years. He was born in Puerto Rico and his family moved to Central Florida when he was just three years old. Dr. Gadiel has lived in Hunters Creek all of his life.

Dr. Gadiel met his wife Susie when they were both in high school. He always knew that working in the health and wellness field was the path he wanted to take in life. At first, he thought he wanted to be a nurse or a physical therapist. Early in his marriage, he discussed his possible career paths with his father-in-law who urged him to become a chiropractor; he felt that would be the most effective way to help others reach their best potential in the healthiest of ways. Dr. Gadiel did his research and realized his father-in-law was correct. He ended up studying at Palmer Chiropractic College.

Those of you who have met Dr. Gadiel know that he loves what he does. When he sees a patient come to South in pain and is able to help them recover, he says, “that’s a beautiful thing.” His patients know that he is always there for them and that Dr. Gadiel is truly committed to their health and wellbeing.

Dr. G and his wife Susie recently celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary. They’re the proud parents of three awesome sons: Gabriel, who is 6 years old, Christian, 5 years old and Jerimiah, 1 year old. All three boys have been adjusted since infancy. When he’s not seeing patients at South Orange Wellness, Dr. Gadiel loves spending quality time with his wife and sons. They love going to the beach, the park, and watching movies. They have a special Friday night tradition with the boys – they bring the boys’ mattresses, blankets, and pillows to camp out together in their living room. These are the best times!

Someday, when the boys get a little older, Dr. Gadiel and Susie would love to do a little traveling as a family and explore faraway places like Alaska, Australia, Scotland, and Japan. The number one trip on his wish list is a Disney Cruise… a family trip that even the little ones can enjoy.

Dr. Gadiel looks forward to making every day a great day! We’re so glad he’s a part of our South Orange Wellness & Injury family.