Dr. Robert Ostheim-Staff Spotlight


Meet Dr. Robert Ostheim, our West Orange Wellness & Injury Center’s Clinic Director and Chiropractor.

Dr. Robert grew up in Central Florida and played soccer and tennis while in high school.  In fact, his love of sports is what indirectly led him to becoming a chiropractor!  He played a lot of tennis and got a lot of neck and upper injuries while playing.  At the time, he went to his traditional family doctor with his complaints.  The doctor didn’t evaluate these issues, but instead just wrote him a prescription for pain killers and told him to stop playing tennis.  Dr. Robert didn’t want to stop playing tennis and felt that the painkillers would not address the physical injuries.  About this time a friend of his recommended that Robert see his chiropractor.

Dr. Robert took his friend’s advice and is very glad he did.  That chiropractor opened his eyes to what healthcare could really be. While in college he was originally planning to be a med student and his experience with chiropractic changed his career direction.  Instead of treating sickness, chiropractic focuses on treating the problem and fixing it.  Drugs only mask the symptoms.  So while he was an undergraduate student majoring in Chemistry at USF, he decided to pursue a career in chiropractic.  He received his BA in chemistry and then went to the National College of Chiropractic (NCC) in Chicago and graduated in 1999.  After graduating NCC he wanted to return to Orlando to begin his career.  He worked at another chiropractic office for a few years and in 2004 he interviewed with Dr. Jeffrey Shebovsky and was blown away by the quality of South Orange Wellness & Injury Center and the treatment Dr. Jeff provided.  Dr. Robert became a member of the South Orange Wellness & Injury Center family n 2004.  West Orange Wellness & Injury Center wasn’t opened until 2008.

Dr. Shebovsky opened West Orange Wellness & Injury Center in 2008 and Dr. Robert moved over there as Clinic Director and Chiropractor.  His caring and interest in every patient’s wellness is evident in the way he treats them as individuals and in his warm and friendly manner.  Dr. Robert’s favorite patients are those that come in initially with pain and suffering, then by following their recommended treatments,j they are able to get past the pain and continue with maintenance care to prevent sickness.    They understand that the body can heal itself.

When Dr. Robert is not at the clinic, he enjoys being active in community affairs and is a member of the Central Florida Chiropractic Society and the Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA).  He loves spending some of his free time playing golf and spending quality time with his fiance Catherine.   He loves cooking quality healthy meals.  As a child he developed a love for cooking since his parents used to own a gourmet kitchen shop!

Dr. Robert looks forward to sharing his love of chiropractic and wellness with all of his patients!