February Patient of the Month – Becky Diaz

Becky Diaz – South – Patient of the Month – February 2017

Meet Becky Diaz, our Orange Wellness Patient of the Month for February. Becky is a patient at our South location.

Becky has been a member of our Orange Wellness family for about 20 years.  She worked next door to our first clinic on Orange Blossom Trail.  Her lower back was out of line and she could not move well so her employer told her to walk next door and ask for help.  She did and has been a loyal family member ever since.

Becky explains that she “always had back issues and learned the value of chiropractic at an early age.”

Over the years, Becky found that she would go for adjustments when she had pain only.  She would then feel better and she would not return again until more aches and pains reminded her to do so.  Just like many of us, she “meant” to go for regular adjustments but a busy life always got in the way of scheduling appointments.  Then about 4 years ago, she got in an automobile accident and during the healing and treatment process, she realized the importance of being consistent in her chiropractic care.

Now Becky makes regular maintenance adjustments a priority in her life and she feels so much better because of that.  She says that her “regular maintenance visits have made an important difference in feeling great.”  She brings her son, daughter in for regular adjustments and has referred many of her family members to Dr. Jeff, Dr. Gadiel and Dr. Kenn as well.  Her son and daughter have been adjusted since they were toddlers and it has benefited them both.  Her son had mild autism and her daughter suffered from dizzy spells.  Adjustments improved both of their conditions.

Becky is a holistic practitioner and always explains to all of her clients that there is a strong mind-body connection to well-being.  She recommends them all to have their own spinal evaluations and adjustments to feel their very best.

“All the staff and doctors are wonderful” adds Becky.  “Everyone is so friendly.  There’s a lot of positive energy in the office.  The staff gets along well and genuinely likes each other and always seems very happy to see the patients.  We all feel like a welcome family member.”

What would Becky recommend to anyone considering the benefits of chiropractic?  Without hesitation, Becky says “Be consistent!  Don’t stop after you feel better and then wait till you feel crummy to return. If you’re consistent, your body will thank you for treating it well.”

Dr. Jeff and his staff look forward to seeing Becky on all of her visits and are so glad they are able to help her feel her best!