I Hate Chiropractors

These words may seem like blasphemy to read here in this very space, and maybe you’ve uttered them yourself or heard them fly casually out of people’s mouths. Why? Because it’s a common feeling people have built up, quite unfairly, toward chiropractors. The public has united together fueled by this shared fear of what chiropractors do, but most are just joining the band wagon based on no concrete evidence or in some cases hearsay.


Their fear has no basis other than, oh well, they have to agree with their sister who heard that this one guy’s cousin was listening to a stranger on Dr. Phil that had her spine pulled out by a chiropractor and she was no longer human but a jellyfish.


We’re here to bust those fears up and show you why they are really just your mind’s inability to understand what’s behind the curtain of the great and powerful chiropractor.


Common Fears

Let’s clear the air. We know that people have legitimate fears and questions about doctors and their treatments, and but fear is the result of the unknown. Don’t turn chiropractors into a witch hunt because of it. That’s something we’d like to avoid and are trying to reverse, and as it’s an uphill climb, we’d sure love some help.

Fear #1: It’s Going To Hurt Really Bad

All that neck twisting, cracking and back popping, there’ s no way in heck it’s NOT going to hurt. We’re here to do the exact opposite, and in fact, after a person’s first physical adjustment, most patients are already feeling more relaxed and their pain is subsiding. Each person’s treatments and assessments are unique to them and their body, but the goal is always to treat the root cause with a safe and gentle touch supported by therapeutic techniques. Our hands are built to heal not to harm.


Fear #2: It’s Going to Cost A Ton Of Money

Most traditional health insurance companies actually cover chiropractic care. According to the American Chiropractics Association, several reports say that as many as 87% of all insured American workers have coverage for chiropractic services in their health care plans. It’s not as daunting as it seems and you have nothing to lose by double checking with your health insurance. The results are highly likely to be affordable. Please call us with any questions and we’d love to help walk you through all viable options. Your health is worth the investment.


Fear #3: It’s Going To Be Uncomfortable

With terms like spinal decompression and musculoskeletal system, the whole idea behind chiropractic adjustments just puts people on their heels and immediately makes them uncomfortable. People are afraid their interactions with the doctor are going to be awkward. Please understand that Dr. Jeff has been doing this at Orange Wellness for 23 years and he understands how to put your mind and body at ease. It comes natural to him. We know it’s natural to feel anxious and nervous when you enter any doctor’s office, let alone a chiropractor, but your first visit at Orange Wellness will be anything but. Our warm environment and friendly team allows you full freedom to ask questions, voice any concerns, and share your fears.


Contrary to popular belief and misconceptions, we’re here to help and we’re passionate about your well being. Come visit us at any one of our four locations and we’d love to help you conquer your fears and answer any questions you may have.