Injured Working Out In Orlando? Read How We Can Help!

If you’ve been injured in Orlando and need help, read on.

What’s the first thing you think of when making a change to take charge of your health? Most people will say, “exercise!” And they would be absolutely correct – along with a clean diet, exercise is paramount to health. But what happens when the good health you’re seeking results in a common athletic injury like a foot or ankle injury, knee injury, low back injury, neck injury or shoulder injury? Not only does it end your progress short-term, if not taken care of properly, it can actually end up causing you more harm than good long-term! If you’re injured in this manner and you’re in Orlando, we can help!

We’re certainly not advocating that you don’t exercise – far from it. But, if you’re injured while working out (or another way) here in Orlando, we’re advocating that you take some time before beginning your new exercise routine to make sure you know what you’re doing. From understanding proper form and posture, to how to use the machines, it’s important to get educated BEFORE you begin to keep injury at bay. It’s also crucial to stretch – both pre and post – workout. Keeping your muscles loose helps keeps you injury-free.

However, there are times when accidents happen and an injury occurs. Then what? Proper care – including a chiropractic routine, will help get you on the road to recovery and back to your workout faster. Some steps to consider in helping recovery:

• ice and rest
• check your form to ensure against future injury
• chiropractic care and if needed, physical therapy for recovery
• lower your inflammation through diet
• aid cellular repair through supplements like Bromalain and Omega-3 fats
• try soft tissue therapies like electromagnetic pulse therapy
• use essential oils like peppermint to reduce swelling.

At Orange Wellness, we’re experts in treating injuries of all kinds, including athletic. Between gentle, effective chiropractic care and if needed, physical therapy, we can help get you healed quickly and even feeling better than before! If you live in the South Orlando area, including Ocoee or Wendermere please call us at 407.871.6959. If you live in the East Orlando area, including Azalea or Union Park please call us at 407.915.3686. If you live in the West Orlando area, including Ocoee or Winter Garden please call us at 407.477.5409. And if you live in the North Orlando area, including Apopka or Wekiva please call us at 407.753.4071.