July Patient of the Month (South)- Julye Phillips

Meet Julye Phillips, our Orange Wellness Patient of the Month for July. She is a patient at our South location in Hunters Creek and has been a member of our Orange Wellness family for about 5 months.


Julye’s neck pain began at Christmas time 6 years ago when she fell and broke her shoulder. She had surgery to repair the break and pins and screws were inserted into her shoulder. After healing, months of physical therapy followed.


Julye hoped her shoulder and neck pain would heal and that she would be back to her “before accident” normal eventually, but unfortunately that was not the case. Instead, the restricted movement in her shoulder caused additional pain that spread to her lower back and neck. She was in constant pain all the time. She did her exercises, continued seeing her doctors and other than offering her pain medication, they felt there was nothing they could do to free her from her constant pain. She feared she was going to have to live with constant pain for the rest of her life.


Up to this point in her life, she had never been to or considered going to a chiropractor. In fact, she had her doubts about chiropractic. Her family doctor then suggested that since nothing else was working for her, she might want to see if chiropractic would help ease her pain. He wasn’t too enthusiastic about his suggestion but couldn’t see any alternatives to help her. As luck would have it, her husband Donnie knew about Dr. Jeff and South Orange Wellness and took her to our office.


Julye began a series of treatments with Dr. Jeff. She started going 3 times a week for 6 weeks, then 2 times a week, then once a week. Almost immediately, after having been in constant pain for almost 6 years, she began to feel better. After every single visit, she began feeling better.


“I will tell everyone I know that chiropractic really works! I am amazed and I’m a believer! My husband even says I stand differently and that my posture has improved. I plan on continuing with a maintenance plan, and I’m so thankful that I don’t have to live in constant pain or deal with pain medication.”


Julye explains that coming to the office is more like visiting friends than going to a medical facility.

“It’s a win-win experience. While in the lobby I noticed that Lisa at the front desk is extra nice to every single person. No matter how busy the office was, she was kind, patient and professional and answered everyone’s questions, making them feel comfortable. Yisel was always extra nice too and never made me feel guilty about rescheduling my appointments.”


“Dr. Jeff is awesome. He really listens to my concerns. Not every doctor does. Everyone in the office is pleasant and flexible. Whenever I had to change my appointment due to my schedule, they were always so accommodating. Although my insurance did not pay for my treatment, that doesn’t matter. I’m so happy to have found Dr. Jeff. I just wish I came to South Orange Wellness sooner.”


Dr. Jeff and the staff look forward to seeing Julye on all of her visits and are so glad they are able to help her feel her best!