May Patient of The Month – Loretta Rispoli

Meet Loretta Rispoli, Our Orange Wellness Patient of the Month for May. Loretta is a patient at our West location in Ocoee.

Loretta has been a member of our Orange Wellness family for about 6 months. She first came to the office when driving her daughter, who was suffering from back pain. After seeing her daughter’s back improve, she had a consultation with Dr. Robert about her own severe back pain and began treating.

Loretta reports that her back has improved 100% and she couldn’t be happier. As with many people, one issue is often connected with another and Dr. Robert has helped her on her wellness journey with some of those issues. Loretta suffers from Meniers Disease which is connected to her ears and has caused her to suffer from dizziness and vertigo when lying down and getting up. Because of this, she has had to sleep almost sitting up for years and that has had a negative effect on her posture. Dr. Robert could not help the Meniers, but he has been able to help Loretta tremendously with exercises and adjustments for her posture. Loretta explains that “because of my Meniers, getting up and down from the adjusting table is quite a challenge. Dr. Robert has been so patient and understanding of that difficult and never rushes me or makes me feel uncomfortable. He’s so kind and helpful and that has put me at ease and made the process a very positive one. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Robert. He answers all my questions and shows me exercises that will help me. He even recommended special orthotic inserts for my shoes which have made a world of difference. He has a special machine to measure my feet and posture to get those inserts made uniquely for me. I even got specially designed flip-flops which are ideal for our Florida lifestyle!”

She looks forward to her visits and always feels welcome at West Orange Wellness. “Nicolle and Nerisa always greet me by name. Nadja in billing is so nice and kind.”

What would Loretta recommend to anyone considering the benefits of chiropractic? Originally Loretta went three times a week for treatment. Now that she is so much better, she continues going once a month. “Maintenance is so important. I want to continue feeling well and those visits make a big difference in keeping me on track” adds Loretta. “Don’t wait until you’re in pain to see a chiropractor. You will feel so much better if you do this.”

Dr. Robert and the staff look forward to seeing Loretta on all of her visits and are so glad they are able to help her feel her best!