November Patient of the Month (East)- Richard Hicks


Meet Richard Hicks, our Orange Wellness Patient of the Month for November. He is a patient at our East location in the Waterford Lakes area and has been a member of our Orange Wellness family for about 6 years.


Richard and his family moved to Central Florida from Syracuse, NY about 10 years ago. He found Dr. Eric’s office when he had some painful back issues. After being treated for those issues, he felt a lot better and ever since then he has gone into East Orange Wellness every 6-8 weeks for Maintenance. Although that’s not a requirement, he soon realized that after 6-8 weeks he began having some aches and pains. By going in for Maintenance, he explains that he always feels his best and has been pain free. “I find it so much easier to do my job. I feel good. My body feels the difference if I miss an appointment.”


Richard gets adjusted mostly by Dr. Eric but sometimes sees Dr. Andres. “The quality of care I receive is second to none. The staff is a pleasure to deal with. They are all definitely concerned for their patient’s health and make it a point to understand our daily lives in order to better care for us.”


He adds that “I am always made to feel welcome. There is no such thing as assembly line care. It’s so good to know that whatever it takes to keep us in good shape will be done. I never feel rushed. It’s very nice that when I come to the office, everyone greets me by name. I feel like a member of the family. I really appreciate the benefits of chiropractic. It’s not only beneficial when a person feels bad. I think it’s important to go to prevent yourself from feeling bad”


Dr. Eric explains, “When you talk about a patient that every doctor would love to have, Richard Hicks is the textbook definition. Being an individual in the healthcare field himself as a paramedic, having him know the value of the adjustment just speaks volumes. Thank you, Mr. Hicks for being a wonderful addition to the Orange Wellness family.”


Dr. Eric and the staff at East Orange Wellness & Injury Center look forward to seeing Richard on all of his visits and are so glad they are able to help him feel his best!