September Patient of the Month (East)- Robert Tidwell

Meet Robert Tidwell, our Orange Wellness Patient of the Month for August. He is a patient at our East location in the Waterford Lakes area and has been a member of our Orange Wellness family for about 9 years.


Bob served in the Marines for several years and had some pain in his lower back. His Veteran’s Administration doctor suggested that he might benefit from Chiropractic. He was also an electrician for many years and that’s a physically demanding job that took a toll on his back also. Currently he teaches commercial electricians. Although his current position is not as physically demanding he is sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours per day and that brings with it another component of stress on his neck and back. Currently Bob comes in twice a month for maintenance visits, even when he is not having any pain issues.


 “I feel the difference if I miss an appointment. My body notices it. By coming in twice a month for adjustments I’m feeling my best.”


Over the years Bob mostly gets adjustments but has occasionally used the Hydro Bed and when having a flare up, has been treated with Electric Stimulation. “The Hydro Bed is so relaxing for my muscles.”


Bob looks forward to his bi-monthly visits. “The doctors are great listeners and I consider them close acquaintances. The staff are all so nice. Darlene has a great sense of humor and is always fun to talk to. Melissa and Frances are friendly and very helpful.” He adds, I really appreciate the benefits of chiropractic. It’s not only beneficial when a person feels bad. I think it’s important to go to prevent yourself from feeling bad.”


Dr. Eric and the staff at East Orange Wellness & Injury Center look forward to seeing Robert on all of his visits and are so glad they are able to help him feel his best!