Dr. Jeffrey N. Shebovsky and our team of professionals at South Orange Wellness in Orlando offer a multi-disciplinary approach to your health, comprised of chiropractic, medical, and rehabilitative care. We are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible – getting you on the road to good health in an efficient and effective manner.

Our Orlando practice, which serves both Ocoee and Windermere, uses knowledgeable and caring professionals, cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to treat our patients. Contact us today and experience the South Orange Wellness difference: 407.871.6959.

With years of extensive chiropractic and medical training, we have achieved a stunning success rate treating patients with conditions such as whiplash, scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica, and much more. Patients seeking treatment at South Orange Wellness are assured of receiving only the finest quality care because in addition to our years of expertise, our doctors and health-care professionals share a genuine concern for your well-being. We’re ready to take you from injury, to wellness TODAY!

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Drue Murray

Best team ever

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Nancy Vescio

Dr. Ken is a wonderful Doctor! It's amazing how wonderful you feel after being adjusted! I felt like I could breathe again after my adjustment the other day! Highly recommend! Very nice lady Lisa who always says hello by name.

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Stephen Wise

The diagnosis, treatment, and education I received has left me relatively pain free, more mobile, and in complete control of my condition. If you are frustrated by your limitations and wish to regain what you have lost, go see Dr. Jeffrey Shebovsky (Dr. Jeff) and his associates at South Orange Wellness Center in Hunter's Creek. These people know what they doing and do it well. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Like me'll be glad you did. Stephen Wise, MT(ASCP),CLS(NCA)

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Robert Winstead

I suffered 3 herniated discs in my low back from lifting a small item with poor body position. Dr. Jeff saw me and initiated VAX-D therapy. At the beginning of my treatment the pain level was 9 out of 10 and I could not even sit up from the VAX-D table. Within about 5 treatments the pain was about a 6 and within 10 treatments the pain was a 4. I am now approaching the end of my treatment and the pain is intermittent and only a 1. I also had this treatment done 4 years ago after herniating one disc and had tremendous results as well. At that time my orthopedic provider wanted to perform epidural steroid injections. I really wanted to have a less invasive treatment and looked up Dr. Jeff and I am really glad I did. Being in medicine myself I would highly recommend, and have recommended to many of my patients, Dr. Jeff and his staff. Thanks to the whole staff.

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Barry Taylor

As one of those men, who seem to be a bit hesitant on seeking Medical assistance of any type, I have evolved to the point to where coming to South Orange Wellness & Injury Center is looked forward to. The Doctor's, and the entire staff are excellent, and enjoyable to be with. From the girls up front, to all the guys and gals in the back, everyone is always respectful, kind and courteous. Thank you one and all for being who you are!

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Love this place the staff is so friendly and professional! !!!!! $$

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Customer service was great they take pride on their one on one care of their patient's listen to what your issue with pain is and work with you on Your recovery the staff was very helpful and eager to help i thank all front office doctors and staff in general great and professional service

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Everyone is super friendly and they get you in to see the doctor fast. Dr. Ken is a
great chiropractor.

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Great Service, Great Staff. I'm completely satisfied on how they've treated my injury.

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The entire team at South Orange Wellness understands that a patient's experience includes the doctors, therapists AND the administrative team up front. They REALLY
want to improve your health and vitality. They are honest, they listen well and are responsive to your concerns... you can tell that they truly enjoy what they do. If you're
looking for an honest approach to healing and wellness, make an appointment and see for yourself.