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Weight Loss


Ideal Weight Loss Orlando

Here at Orange Wellness we offer a proven rapid weight loss method.  Our weight loss method is well-studied, highly effective and safe.  Our process involves a robust support system with regular face-to-face visits with a certified weight loss coach. A method that provides twice as many results as remotely monitored approaches.  To safely lose weight the doctors and staff of Orange Wellness utilize current best practices, tools and clinical support.

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Weight Loss Treatment

I want to share to you an easy and healthy way to lose weight — without exercise!

This weight loss method is a medically designed procedure consisting of two key aspects:

  • Weight loss – achieve your ideal weight
  • Healthier lifestyle education – maintain your results

This amazing weight loss method is called the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

It is designedas a means of preserving lean body mass, including muscles, bones and other tissues, while losing fat.

I know what you’re thinking. How can this be possible without exercise?

This method has been proven healthy and very effective by many.

Women can expect to lose 2-3lbs per week and men 4-5lbs per week. Imagine that!
This is a realistic goal. You will achieve your desired weight and you’ll increase energy as well.

This plan is designed to keep the weight off you forever!


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