Crack Stress Before It Cracks You

Crack Stress Before It Cracks You


Studies have shown that stress not only contributes to weight gain and weight loss but also causes a process of overeating that can lead to imbalances and spikes within the body. For example, cortisol and insulin are the two most common hormones that can do real damage if left unchecked.  These hormones contribute to fat being stored around the mid-section and hips that ultimately produce inflammation, diabetes and heart disease. These are symptoms of stress and should be dealt immediately.

The damaging effects of stress impact weight, hormones, self-confidence, and overall health and should be regarded as highly detrimental if not taken care of properly. Stress is almost like death and taxes, it’s going to happen one way or another.  The best part that most people don’t know is that  your body has the ability to respond to stress on its own. It was designed that way. The key is giving your body the best chance to do so and often that involves lifestyle changes. We can help you navigate that.

Disease is something that your body knows how to handle, but because of poor lifestyle choices, it can turn into an illness. By applying healthier principles in your life, you will improve how your body naturally responds to stress and restore health and healing to your body.

3 Ways To Help Eliminate Stress


Exercise is an effective way to maximize your response to stress.  It will lower cortisol, balance insulin, spike glutathione levels and trigger hormones that make you feel happier and more elated.  A misconception is that exercise combats stress or cures it, but that is simply not a true statement. It only helps the body to function at a more efficient and safe level for taking care of stress naturally.

Don’t Panic

When you panic and become anxious, your body goes into overload.  If you panic, you’ve already lost the battle, as anyone that suffers from anxiety, panic attacks, asthma or any other stress related condition fully knows too well.  The secret is not to add additional mental and emotional stress to any situation, because adding this stress compounds the problem. Find the calming solution that works for you – whether it’s counting slowly backward from 100 or putting yourself in a timeout, identify it and put it to use when you feel your anxiety rising!

Putting Yourself In A Stress-Free Environment

A prime example is taking some time in nature or going for a walk alone. So your body and your mind have time to take in some fresh air. Another example might be to find a quiet place you feel safe and turn everything off and breathe slowly by taking deep breathes until the heart stabilizes and slows down the panic mode it has been put in. This may seem ridiculous, but it is very effective to be able to step away and re-focus your body’s systems.  These solutions won’t eliminate stress but they will help your body respond to the stress at the best of your ability.

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Always Challenge Your Healthcare

Always Challenge Your Healthcare


Once upon a time it was unheard of for a doctor’s opinion to be challenged, but today’s patients are getting second and third opinions, seeking out alternative health care solutions and pursuing natural options to find out the best course of action for their health.

And recently, the medical system is now being challenged by the medical community itself exposing the flaws of medicine and misdiagnosis that runs rampant in the healthcare industry.  Unfortunately, these are the things we hear about and sometimes experience ourselves as our confidence in conventional medical treatment diminishes and new healthcare options become available.

According to several doctors including Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer for the American Cancer Society, Americans are suffering and dying avoidable deaths because the current healthcare system is not working. It is projected that America spends one and half times as much per person on healthcare than any other country. However, it ranks 50th in life expectancy and 47th in infant mortality. Dr. Brawley blames unnecessary treatments on a lack of medical knowledge and the financial attractiveness being supported by big pharma, medical manufacturers, and hospitals. He also stresses the unfortunate attention given to treatment of illnesses rather than promoting health and preventing disease.  Why? Because disease is big business and job security for many healthcare professionals.

You, as a healthcare consumer, have every reason to be angry that the costs simply are unsustainable. Studies show, that a majority of cancers are preventable through lifestyle and not medical treatment.

Dr. Brawley is not the only medical doctor to challenge the healthcare system. In fact, this is now widely known in the medical industry and has struck chords with the healthcare overseers. Dr. Brawley recognizes that the medical community needs to take a hard look at itself in the mirror and give healthcare consumers better treatment options as a priority and not because it makes more dollars.

So what can we take from this? We encourage you to take responsibility for your own health. Do your own research and also always challenge your healthcare providers. Getting educated about what you can do to maximize your potential for better health and a longer life should always be your number one concern for yourself and your family. Make wise, informed decisions by getting your information from multiple sources. You shouldn’t just take what the doctor orders because if you do, you could potentially increase your chance for health risks.

While steering away from the bandwagon is never easy, relying on a single source for anything in your life can set you up for disappointment. Take back your health into your hands and you too can live a healthier you!

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The 5 Building Blocks Of Good Health

The 5 Building Blocks Of Good Health


The Holistic Road or The Traditional Medical Model

The typical approach to “health,” hasn’t worked for years. To most people, “health” means, “I’m not in pain” or “I’m not sick often.” That isn’t true health! Our society isn’t changing its perception of health, we’re simply looking for different ways to pay for it! Yet, people continue to travel down the exact same road, time and time again. Even if we made this road cheaper or added wellness exams, preventative “medicine”, or early detection scans, you’re still traveling down the same road with the same results. And no matter what has changed, you always end up at the same destination: crisis, disease, and early death.

But, what’s stopping you from changing up the scenery and making a new road?

The Road Less Traveled

This is where we shine. We don’t want to move you to a cheaper insurance plan and fill you up with prescription pills. We believe in true health: the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit. How do we accomplish that?


We want to help you maximize your mind. This is essential is and it’s about understanding the true principle of health and healing to create a mindset of success. After all, it is function and lifestyle, not genetics, that determine well-being.

Half of heart disease deaths can be avoided with lifestyle changes. Almost 200,000 lives can be saved if certain heart risk factors are cut, even modestly.


Optimizing your  nerve supply involves restoring and maintaining the proper function of the nervous system through spinal correction. George Bakris, MD, Director of the University of Chicago hypertension center found that Chiropractic adjustments reduce blood pressure better than two blood-pressure medications combined.

Vertebral misalignment is common in patients with atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma. Adjustments caused a 70% improvement in allergic disease. In his study, Yasuhiko Takeda found that vertebral misalignment is a common characteristic found in patients with atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma. He also found that chiropractic adjustments caused a 70% improvement in allergic disease.


Increased quality nutrition is nutritional science that sustains well-being, disease prevention, and ideal weight management. Overweight women are up to sixty percent more likely to develop any cancer. Diets loaded with healthy fats significantly reduce your risk of prostate cancer. If we eat more naturally and avoid the processed foods of modern society, we will live healthier lives.



Maximizing oxygen intake and lean muscle mass can help reduce the damaging effects of aging. A study showed that if you learn how to exercise the right way through short bursts of maximum energy output, one can induce a “good” hormone response. Cutting edge exercise programs that work to facilitate optimum fitness in minimal time are your best bet. Just by walking 30 minutes a day, symptoms of depression can improve faster than with pharmaceutical therapy.


Keeping toxin levels down in your body increases its ability to permanently remove toxins from cells.

The EPA reports that there are over 70,000 chemicals used commercially. These chemicals are found in household cleaners, plastics, pesticides, personal care products, foods, drugs, water, paints, fabrics, and floor and wall covering are leading causes of cancers, gland issues, and many of today’s common diseases.

Make A New Path

The road most traveled has made people sicker, unhappier, more overweight and more out of shape than ever before seen in human history. The modern medical model is not health care, it’s suppressing symptoms and disease care. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for a crisis to think about your health.

So where does the road less traveled take us? One five year study on Chiropractic maintenance care showed that chiropractic patients spent 31% less on healthcare and had 50% less medical visits than the national average. This calculates into:

  • 85% less in pharmaceutical costs
  • 59% fewer days in the hospital
  • 2% fewer hospital admissions
  • 62% less patient surgeries

The road less traveled can save families hundreds of thousands on healthcare while avoiding disease and suffering. This sounds pretty logical to me, but you have to make the choice for yourself. This is the road beyond healthcare and wellness. Here, we study health, not just disease. It’s a complete system for living. We don’t simply treat symptoms; we find and correct the cause of health problems. The choice is clear.

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The Effect Of Sugar On The Body

The Effect Of Sugar On The Body


That chocolate cupcake has been calling your name all afternoon. Yes, it’s time for your sugar break before you hit “the work wall”, and you know what? It’s fine. There is, believe it or not, an allotted amount of sugar your body can consume each day, but the problem is we love excess, don’t we?

We’re all guilty of eating that late night candy bar or ten gallons of sweet tea. Whatever your most favorite way to consume it, the point is you consume it, and a lot of it. Do you know what this magical fairy dust we call sugar actually does to our bodies?

As a matter of fact, we do know, and that’s what we want to share with you. Love it or leave it, sugar isn’t the best thing to consume in massive quantities because of how our bodies respond to it. We want to point you in the right direction, so here are the 5 not so great effects sugar can have on your body. Our advice? Try to steer clear of the sweet stuff!


You know what fructose is right? It’s the element within that ordinary table sugar that we heap on top of our Cheerios, and it’s found in “added sugars”. So, fructose triggers your liver to store fat more efficiently, and in weird places. Over time, a diet high in fructose could lead to fat building up around your liver, a precursor to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, something rarely seen before 1980. Unless, you don’t want to say you couldn’t fit into those pants because you had a fat liver, skip that daily sweet tea run.


Ever heard someone say they’re an “emotional eater”, well usually it involves lots of sugar and sweet yummy treats. Reaching for sugar to feel better or forget something is actually creating the opposite effect within our body, and most people don’t even know it. Public Health Journal did a study involving nearly 9,000 people to try and discover a link between depression and sugar or fast food. After six years, the junk food junkies faced a nearly 40% greater risk of developing depression. Looks like the brain releases lower levels of feel-good dopamine when competing with those yummy white crystals. Not so yummy anymore, eh?


You know that wall we talked about? Well, when you grab a chocolate candy bar and get that brief jolt of energy, you feel like you’ve made the right choice, like you can conquer the world. Nope! Soon that jolt is replaced by ceaseless fatigue. Science says it takes just 30 minutes or less to go from a sugar rush to a full-on sugar crash. This just sets you up to want more sugar—a vicious cycle. Let’s add insult to injury shall we? Sugar also triggers the release of serotonin, a sleep regulator. Ugh! Good-bye energy, hello walking dead!


Anytime sugar is ingested, it sets off a release of chemicals to the brain’s pleasure center, much like a street drug. And as they do with street drugs, people get addicted, meaning they need more sugar for a feel-good “fix.” A study involving rats have shown that when sugar is taken away they experience the same symptoms any drug addict would once they’re cut off from their “high”. Symptoms like chattering teeth, shakes, and anxiety, are chief among them. You may be treading dangerous ground, so watch your stash.


Let’s do a little math. When you ADD sugar into your bloodstream, PLUS the proteins that are already there, you’re creating a new molecule called AGEs. This harmful new creation stands for “Advanced Glycation End Products” and they are like invaders who attack other proteins causing damage. Some of these common proteins under attack make up the collagen in your skin that is what keeps your skin firm and elastic. Go ahead and drink that super smoothie with the added sugar, it’ll just give you dry, brittle protein fibers that lead to wrinkles and saggy skin, no biggie. As if that wasn’t bad enough, AGEs promote the growth of fragile collagen and deactivate your body’s natural antioxidant enzymes. Basically, this opens the door to the sun creating even more of a skin problem.

Bottom line. Sugar will flat out do you wrong, so beware of its effects on you and your health.

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What You & Melania Trump May Have In Common

Much can be debated on genetically modified or engineered foods, but really anything that is grown using toxic pesticide spray we’re gonna take a pass on. It’s just not justifiable to ingest something that can also make an insect explode, but hey if you’re into that sort of thing go right ahead.

The First Lady, however, is NOT into that sort of thing. She has made it publicly clear she is banning products from the biotech giant, Monsanto, which has pretty much infiltrated the grocer industry. Unfortunately, 70-80% of American processed foods contain genetically engineered ingredients.

Claiming to be a full-time mom and a proud one at that, you may have more in common with the First Lady than you think. Her research about the ingredients in many foods her family was eating led her to take a strong stand against this unnatural process.

Health problems and disease can come from a variety of sources, but Melania is making sure it’s not coming from the food she and her family are eating. See? Sounds like a good mom to us! It’s definitely a commitment, but after reading the numerous side effects these GMO foods are producing, it’s a commitment worth making!


GMO Side Effects



Legal action is being taken daily on behalf of the health of Americans trying to make good decisions. Pressing the FDA to require more accurate and transparent labeling is definitely a big one, and right now it’s strictly voluntary if they want to include GMO information on their products.

Sometimes you’ll see “Partially produced with genetic engineering”, but even then it’s not really required for them to even have that. Wanting to provide natural, healthy foods for your family is important to all moms, no matter what color of house you live in.

We’re passionate about holistic, full body health, so take charge and give us a call with any questions you have! We’d love to chat!

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