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Orange Wellness is far more than your “typical” chiropractic office. Here’s how we aim to help patients achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

For some, Orange Wellness takes them back to a cozy and familiar place; a reawakening around health and wellness that was once known, but long lost. Meanwhile for other patients, entering the doors of Orange Wellness means a new and wonderful journey around health – a discovery of sorts that has never been experienced before. 

Now more than ever, people are recognizing the benefits that alternative and traditional medicines can bring. At Orange Wellness, we are all about helping our patients achieve their health goals. When you come for an appointment, you’ll be met by one of our professionals who will assist in personally customizing a wellness program for you. Our tailored programs specifically focus on the wellness needs of each one of our patients; no two programs look the same. We look to use the most effective, yet least invasive, techniques to offer the best wellness services that can help them obtain the health goals they have in mind.

Providing chiropractic, medical, and physical therapy services within our three locations in Florida (Orlando, Ocoee, and Apopka), Orange Wellness can help you maintain and achieve a better quality of life through our comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

Get health and wellness information from Dr. Jeff, former radio host of “Back to Wellness” on News 96.5 WDBO –  listen to the archives with Dr. Jeff!

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A Journey “From Injury to Wellness”
Dr. Jeff Shebovsky takes you on a journey, discussing the truth behind healing from an injury and embarking on a lifetime of wellness

Serving the Central Florida Community for over 25+ years