Automobile Accidents

Chiropractors specialize in treating some of the most common automobile accident-related injuries, which can include whiplash, back pain, and even hidden injuries that do not surface until weeks or sometimes months later. Chiropractors can detect hidden injuries, as they are trained to perform neurological and orthopedic tests to evaluate signs of injury that other medical practitioners might miss.

For those who immediately experience symptoms from a car accident-related injury, Orange Wellness can provide the proper care needed for the fastest recovery. Whether it is a pain in your neck, back, shoulders, or arms; these may be signs that you have suffered from whiplash. Whiplash occurs when a sudden, harsh movement of the head is sustained forward, backward, or to the side. Are you experiencing dizziness, blurred vision, or headaches? These could be symptoms of whiplash due to a car collision, and you should seek chiropractic treatment as soon as possible.

It is vital to receive chiropractic care immediately after an automobile accident. Allowing the effects of whiplash and other related injuries to go untreated can cause long-term pain. Early care and treatment results in proper recovery and faster relief.

Long Term Risks Around Not Seeking Treatment

  • Structural damage
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Damage to joints
  • Deteriorated nerve function
  • Weakened muscle strength
  • Lack of range of motion

Have You Been Injured in a Car Accident Recently? Are You Aware of the 14-Day Rule?

In Florida, you are required to seek medical care within 14 days of an automobile accident, or you forfeit all the $10,000 of medical benefits that you paid for. Even if it's minor, don’t wait before it is too late to see a doctor regarding a potential injury incurred during a car collision.

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