Crack Stress Before It Cracks You

Crack Stress Before It Cracks You


Studies have shown that stress not only contributes to weight gain and weight loss but also causes a process of overeating that can lead to imbalances and spikes within the body. For example, cortisol and insulin are the two most common hormones that can do real damage if left unchecked.  These hormones contribute to fat being stored around the mid-section and hips that ultimately produce inflammation, diabetes and heart disease. These are symptoms of stress and should be dealt immediately.

The damaging effects of stress impact weight, hormones, self-confidence, and overall health and should be regarded as highly detrimental if not taken care of properly. Stress is almost like death and taxes, it’s going to happen one way or another.  The best part that most people don’t know is that  your body has the ability to respond to stress on its own. It was designed that way. The key is giving your body the best chance to do so and often that involves lifestyle changes. We can help you navigate that.

Disease is something that your body knows how to handle, but because of poor lifestyle choices, it can turn into an illness. By applying healthier principles in your life, you will improve how your body naturally responds to stress and restore health and healing to your body.

3 Ways To Help Eliminate Stress


Exercise is an effective way to maximize your response to stress.  It will lower cortisol, balance insulin, spike glutathione levels and trigger hormones that make you feel happier and more elated.  A misconception is that exercise combats stress or cures it, but that is simply not a true statement. It only helps the body to function at a more efficient and safe level for taking care of stress naturally.

Don’t Panic

When you panic and become anxious, your body goes into overload.  If you panic, you’ve already lost the battle, as anyone that suffers from anxiety, panic attacks, asthma or any other stress related condition fully knows too well.  The secret is not to add additional mental and emotional stress to any situation, because adding this stress compounds the problem. Find the calming solution that works for you – whether it’s counting slowly backward from 100 or putting yourself in a timeout, identify it and put it to use when you feel your anxiety rising!

Putting Yourself In A Stress-Free Environment

A prime example is taking some time in nature or going for a walk alone. So your body and your mind have time to take in some fresh air. Another example might be to find a quiet place you feel safe and turn everything off and breathe slowly by taking deep breathes until the heart stabilizes and slows down the panic mode it has been put in. This may seem ridiculous, but it is very effective to be able to step away and re-focus your body’s systems.  These solutions won’t eliminate stress but they will help your body respond to the stress at the best of your ability.

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Pass The Pumpkin Please!

Pass The Pumpkin Please!


Pumpkin season has finally arrived, so we thought it appropriate to carve out some time for dishing out some impressive health benefits of this yummy seasonal favorite. No more feeling anxious about what you’re bringing to family gatherings, now you can feel good about all of your pumpkin recipes this fall and brag away about how healthy they are.

Check out our 6 favorite health benefits of pumpkin and feel free to share them with everyone, unless you want to hog all the credit for yourself, in which case we won’t tell anyone.

Top 6 Health Benefits of Pumpkin

1. Pumpkin Seeds Are Heart Healthy

Seeds and nuts no matter what kind are actually all heart healthy, and of course that includes our favorite pumpkin seed. They contain what are called phytosterols, a plant-based molecule that acts in the intestine to lower bad cholesterol absorption. Pumpkin seeds can lower cholesterol by 10% when taking 2g per day, which is a little less than 1oz. If not being used as a garnish for a delicious recipe, raw pumpkin seeds are great snacks that can be picked up at most local grocery stores. Snack away!

2. Pumpkin Can Boost Your Mood

Unless you’re just a Scrooge around the holiday season, who doesn’t like to be happy? Pumpkins contain an amino acid called tryptophan, a key ingredient in producing serotonin. In case you were unaware, serotonin is huge when it comes to our mood, so partaking in a bit of pumpkin this season will help chase those moody blues away. And unlike Cinderella, this pumpkin will last past midnight.

3. Pumpkin Helps Boost Your Immune System

Packed FULL of vitamin C, it’s hard not to get excited about pumpkin during the season that is famous for cold and flu assaults. The recommended daily dose for vitamin C is 65mg, and one cup of cooked pumpkin contains nearly 20% of that recommended dose. Sounds like a winning combo to us, so start pumping your body with some pumpkin before sickness has a chance to set in.

4. Pumpkin May Reduce Cancer Risk

The orange family of vegetables all have something in common, and we’re talking about carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and of course pumpkin. They all have strong levels of beta-carotene, and according to the National Cancer Institute, it may have a strong link to preventing certain cancers. Seems silly NOT to plate up some pumpkin this season, there’s really nothing to lose.

5. Pumpkin Protects The Skin

Hello best beauty product ever! Ok, maybe a bit too far but seriously how awesome is that?! Carotenoids contained in pumpkin act as protective antioxidants that not only protect the body against free radicals that damage the body but also keep the skin wrinkle-free. So don’t feel bad to ask for seconds when the pumpkin’s being passed around. Your skin just might thank you.

6. Pumpkin Supports Natural Weight Loss

When we think of fiber, we hardly think of pumpkin, but it has surprisingly large amounts of fiber within that bright orange packaging. For every 1 cup of pumpkin, there are 3 grams of fiber and only 49 calories. It’s common knowledge that a fiber-rich diet actually helps people feel fuller longer and eat less, giving them the ability to lose some of those pesky pounds. PLUS pumpkin is just yummy to eat. Wins all around!


These top health benefits are yours to take advantage of this fall season, so pop into your local farmer’s market or grocer and grab some pumpkin before it’s all gone! If you have any questions about how your diet plays a part in balancing the body and its function, then we’d love to help. Give our team a call today!

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The Toxic Truth

The Toxic Truth


We need to talk. Don’t you hate hearing those words? But seriously we need to talk. You know like the time your high school sweetheart wanted to talk and dumped you right before the prom. Well, this is kind of the same conversation only instead of breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s breaking up with those scented candles and room sprays you love so much. Sorry. It’s just time.

There is an alarming amount of household air fresheners and scented candles out there that parade around in cutesy “Christmas Tree” packaging when in reality, they should be marked with a skull and crossbones. Too harsh? Not really—the truth is that more and more studies are proving that these products that we use on a daily basis contain KNOWN HUMAN CARCINOGENS (CANCER CAUSERS).

Not to pick on the SC Johnson company, but hey, they walked right into this one. The first list is the US Dept. of Health & Human Services “Known Human Carcinogens”. The second list displays a list of ingredients that make up the “fragrance” portion of their “Glade” products. Hmmmm.



These are poisons secretly infiltrating your home in disguise. Unfortunately, the people creating these synthetic products and scents are more concerned making a buck rather than public health or we might actually know this information. Instead, we’re left to do our own research. Thanks for nothing.


What it means when you see “Fragrance” on the label

What should I look for on the label? 

The next time you pick up your favorite candle or shampoo, check the ingredients on the label. Does it say “fragrance” or “parfum”? If so, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

What is it? 

The listed ingredient “fragrance” is on MANY common household products and though it sounds nice, the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services has tracked over 5,000 chemicals–in limitless combinations–used in these products today.

Why is it used? 

This common ingredient is used to provide off a specific aromatic scent that appeals uniquely to each person shopping the aisles. It’s also used to cover up unwanted odors. Hello bathroom spray.

Why is this a big deal? 

Personal care products, by law, must specifically list all their ingredients on the label, however, companies can get away with simply listing “Fragrance” or “Parfum” because it’s considered a trade secret. This makes it very easy for companies to hide what exactly is in their product. While candles and room sprays are not categorized as personal care products, they still take advantage of this abbreviated way to make scads of ingredients disappear by simply writing “fragrance”. How convenient.

What exactly is behind the “fragrance” label? 

Benzene is just one example listed on the SC Johnson Company’s ingredient list for their candles and room sprays. No problem, right? Oh except that “Benzene” is listed by the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services as a “Known Human Carcinogen”. And don’t get us started on paraffin wax, which is created from petroleum byproducts and used in most candles, but if you want to look into it, we’ll let you make up your own mind. Sure, there are safe levels of chemical consumption through the air, but is it really worth it to test this out (and knowingly add to it) on ourselves or our kids?


Some safe alternatives for candles especially are ones made completely with soy. But be careful because there are some that have soy in them and can claim to be soy candles, even though they’re still mixed with paraffin wax. Make sure they’re 100% soy and you’re good to go.

So here’s the toxic truth: if you pick something up and read listed on the ingredients they use “Fragrance”, you’d be best served to put it back on the shelf.




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What You & Melania Trump May Have In Common

Much can be debated on genetically modified or engineered foods, but really anything that is grown using toxic pesticide spray we’re gonna take a pass on. It’s just not justifiable to ingest something that can also make an insect explode, but hey if you’re into that sort of thing go right ahead.

The First Lady, however, is NOT into that sort of thing. She has made it publicly clear she is banning products from the biotech giant, Monsanto, which has pretty much infiltrated the grocer industry. Unfortunately, 70-80% of American processed foods contain genetically engineered ingredients.

Claiming to be a full-time mom and a proud one at that, you may have more in common with the First Lady than you think. Her research about the ingredients in many foods her family was eating led her to take a strong stand against this unnatural process.

Health problems and disease can come from a variety of sources, but Melania is making sure it’s not coming from the food she and her family are eating. See? Sounds like a good mom to us! It’s definitely a commitment, but after reading the numerous side effects these GMO foods are producing, it’s a commitment worth making!


GMO Side Effects



Legal action is being taken daily on behalf of the health of Americans trying to make good decisions. Pressing the FDA to require more accurate and transparent labeling is definitely a big one, and right now it’s strictly voluntary if they want to include GMO information on their products.

Sometimes you’ll see “Partially produced with genetic engineering”, but even then it’s not really required for them to even have that. Wanting to provide natural, healthy foods for your family is important to all moms, no matter what color of house you live in.

We’re passionate about holistic, full body health, so take charge and give us a call with any questions you have! We’d love to chat!

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