Chiropractic Care For Better Health

Chiropractic Care For Better Health

Chiropractic care seeks to adjust the spinal bones into the correct alignment, thereby removing nerve interference, which then empowers the body to heal naturally without medication or surgery. Although the foundation of chiropractic care is spinal manipulation, the practice also involves a host of other treatments such as physical therapies, posture education, and ergonomics training, which focuses on the techniques of sitting, standing, and walking without exerting undue pressure on the spine.

Understanding the Chiropractic Approach 

Chiropractic care originates from the idea that faulty spinal alignment and resultant nerve interference affects a person’s overall health. The spine is so much more than a column of bones. By housing the central nervous system, it directly affects how the body processes pain and heals. The nerves spread out from the spine and travel to every cell, tissue and organ in the body, controlling and coordinating all body functions. 

As for pain, many joint and muscle pains occur when vertebral subluxation or misalignment occurs. This common condition can cause not only neck and back pain but also pain or tingling and numbness into the arms or legs, headaches and pains in other parts of the body. Joints can also become stuck or “fixated” and surely cause pain. Remember, all the body parts interconnect in one way or the other. When one part is misaligned, you can feel the effect in other seemingly unrelated body parts.

Our chiropractors use their hands and other chiropractic instruments to apply a carefully, controlled force to the spinal joints. With the spinal adjustment, chiropractors restore the spine’s alignment and alleviate pain in the process.

Woman receive chiropractic neck adjustment

Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt? 

With some chiropractic techniques, there is a cracking sound.  Despite the cracking sound, the procedure is virtually painless. In fact, you should experience an almost instant relief from your back, neck, or joint pain. The “click” signifies the vertebra moving back into its proper position. The chiropractic procedure takes place on a comfortable, padded chiropractic table where you lie face down or in any other suitable position depending on the body part to be aligned. Our highly experienced chiropractors go out of their way to put you at ease and ensure that you’re as relaxed as possible.  There are also many other chiropractic techniques in which there is no “crack” at all, yet are still very effective. You can decide along with our chiropractor which is most suitable for you. Our chiropractors are trained in many techniques.

Old man chiropractic adjustment

Benefits of Chiropractic Procedures 

Chiropractic care has grown exponentially in the recent years, as more people turn to natural healing methods. At Orange Wellness, we advocate for the enhancement of your overall health. Wouldn’t you rather adopt a lifestyle that helps you avoid illness in the first place? Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat existing diseases, chiropractic care helps reduce the chances of being ill in the first place. Either way, chiropractic presents a host of short-term and long-term health benefits:

  • Relieves Pain From the Source 

Our chiropractic care pays precise attention to the spine, given that all the nerves in the body start within the spine. Pain radiates through the nerves. The nervous system regulates the reflexes of the body. By aligning the spine, we deal with pain from the source, as opposed to treating the symptoms. Chiropractic care is most common for treating back pain but is also successful with headaches, joint pain and stiffness, neck pain, and even ear infections, as well as various other conditions.

  • Avoids Side Effects of Prescription Medication 

Pain relievers may work, but only temporarily. Besides, you have to increase the dosage over time for a similar effect or settle for more potent medication. Most prescription drugs have harmful side effects when taken for a prolonged period. You also stand the risk of developing a dependency, where you can’t function without these drugs. You can avoid such risks by opting for chiropractic care, which not only relieves your condition but also minimizes your chances of falling ill in the first place. Remember, we do not necessarily apply chiropractic procedures in isolation; we can also use them to complement other forms of therapy to acquire health and wellness.

  • Customized Treatment Plan 

Chiropractic care examines each case individually, as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Once you walk into Orange Wellness, we assign you to one of our expert chiropractors. Together, you will go over your symptoms and medical history. You will get a detailed account of the services that we offer and a recommendation of treatment best suited for your case.

  • Improves Joint Health 

We cannot underestimate the significance of our joints to our overall health. Chiropractic adjustment reduces joint pain and stiffness while increasing their range of motion. If you’re suffering from arthritis, you may be surprised to learn that you do not have to contend with constant medication and injections. Our non-invasive joint realignment, called an adjustment, can help you regain motion and prevent joint dysfunction. No matter what your situation is, engage with us, and let’s see how we can help improve your joint mobility. 

Man receiving chiropractic adjustment

The Orange Wellness Assurance 

Welcome to Orange Wellness, where our team of expert chiropractors is all set to tend to you. We deal with a vast range of conditions, including:

  • Personal injury
  • Physical therapy → Not a condition, It’s a service technically
  • Automobile accidents
  • Joint degeneration
  • Arthritis
  • Trigger-point injection → A service technically
  • Whiplash
  • Headaches
  • Back pains
  • Sciatica
  • Disc herniation

If you’re dealing with a condition that’s not listed above, we invite you to contact us so we can discuss your situation and work towards a solution. Any questions that we haven’t answered above? Get in touch and let us clarify any other detail to your satisfaction. Your pain and discomfort could soon be a thing of the past. Take advantage of Orlando’s greatest and most advanced chiropractic services. We look far beyond treating a condition; we want to minimize your chances of falling sick in the first place. Make the first step on the road to improving your health and overall well-being with The Orange Wellness experience.

Dr. Kenn Niebrugge – Staff Spotlight

Dr. Kenn Niebrugge – Staff Spotlight


Welcome back to our Staff Spotlight.  This month, meet Dr. Kenn Niebrugge, the Clinic Director at North Orange Wellness in Apopka.

Dr. Kenn has been helping patients feel their best at South Orange Wellness & Injury Center for about 7 years and has been in our brand new Apopka office since its opening a few months ago.

When he was an undergrad, Dr. Kenn studied Sports Medicine and worked as an athletic trainer before going to Chiropractic School. He worked with lots of athletes who played football, basketball, baseball and soccer while completing his degree in Sports Medicine.  When he worked with the athletes he also doubled as a pharmacy tech.  The athletes needed to use a great deal of anti-inflammatory medicines for their many injuries.  It was at this time that Dr. Kenn began formulating his thoughts about ways the body could heal itself without the constant need for medication.

Eventually, Dr. Kenn served in the Navy as a Combat Medical Corpsman.  His medical training was extensive.  While playing basketball himself, he pulled his back muscle and his trainer sent him to a chiropractor for treatment.  This was a turning point for Dr. Kenn.  She helped him see that he could combine his interest in treating injuries with using the conservative treatments of chiropractic. The other therapies he learned about in chiropractic helped him make his decision to become a chiropractor.

“The more I learned about Chiropractic, the more I realized that I could combine my medical experience in sports medicine and the Navy with chiropractic to offer my patients more than drugs.”

Over the years, Dr. Kenn has volunteered for and supported the Wounded Warriors.  “They’ve served their country with honor and sacrificed so much.  Everyone deserves world-class care. It’s important that wellness care should be affordable for them.”

Prior to being a chiropractor at Orange Wellness, he practiced for 3 ½ years in Apopka.  He loves the area and enjoys re-establishing relationships there.  He’s impressed with the growth in Apopka and is looking forward to being part of the community.

Dr. Kenn and his wife of over 20 years have three children. When he’s not at the office he enjoys coaching his sons who are avid baseball players.  His daughter is a sophomore in high school and is a junior Olympian in archery. He loves DIY projects in photography and art!

Dr. Kenn looks forward to helping his north Orlando patients feel their very best and making every day a great day!  We’re so glad he’s a part of our North Orange Wellness & Injury family.

Mark Smigelski – Staff Spotlight

Mark Smigelski – Staff Spotlight

Welcome back to our Staff Spotlight. This month, meet Mark Smigelski, the Director of Operations for our South, West and North Orange Wellness offices.

Mark began his career at South Orange Wellness in 2002 as an X-Ray Technician and a Registered Chiropractic Assistant. He brought with him ten years of valuable customer service skills that he acquired while working in Orlando’s hospitality Industry. He thrived on the challenges of working with our patients and seeing the positive difference that chiropractic made in their lives.

As time went on, Mark realized he wanted the challenge of management. It wasn’t long before he became the Office Manager. He thrived in this larger role with more challenges and the rewards of helping to streamline the efficiency and productivity of the office operations.

During the next several years, Orange Wellness grew to include the East, West and most recently, our North office. Dr. Eric Feiter now owns the East Office and Dr. Jeffrey Shebovsky is the owner of the rest. Mark now serves as the Director of Operations for the South, West and North offices and he thrives on the daily challenges.

“I still enjoy getting people better. I love their success stories. We have a great team and I’m so proud of them. We are all working towards the same goal and care about each patient’s progress.”

What does Mark love most about what he does? “There are so many things! But I guess I would say I love the fact that no two days are the same. Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities to make treatment and office routines better for our patients. Those challenges lead us to new discoveries.”

Mark does a lot of “behind the scenes stuff” that makes all the offices run smoothly. Some of these things, such as computer and technology issues, are not obvious to our patients, but keep everything running smoothly and seamlessly. Those are the kinds of things we only notice if they’re not working.

Mark proudly admits he’s a Type “A” personality, which is exactly what a great Director of Operations needs to be. He loves to work hard and when he’s not at work making all of your wellness lives run smoothly, he loves to play hard with Jodi, his wife of 13 years and his two beautiful children; his ten-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son.

What does this busy Director of Operations do on his time off? He continues to stay busy and active of course! Mark rises often at 4:00 am to run several miles and on weekends, he trains for triathlons. Mark, Jodi and his kids love spending weekends exploring nature in their road and mountain bikes for healthy family time. Even his kids have enjoyed doing kiddie triathlons and they’re both on traveling soccer teams as well.

His chiropractic career melds perfectly into his family’s active lifestyle. Being physically fit and injury free is important to Mark and his family in every aspect of life. What would some of our patients be surprised to learn about Mark? It’s no surprise to learn how nice and caring he is. But you might be surprised to know that he was once the Florida State Champion Mountain Bike racer!

Our patients might find Mark at our South, West or North Offices on any given day, but mostly he’s behind the scenes making sure that your visit to Orange Wellness is a good, problem free one.

We’re so glad he’s a part of our Orange Wellness family.

Nicolle Melendez – Staff Spotlight

Welcome back to our Staff Spotlight! Meet Nicolle Melendez, front desk receptionist at our West Orange Wellness office.

One of her favorite things about her job is getting to know our patients and seeing patients improve with their treatment. Often their improvements are very dramatic since many patients come into the office because of an accident or acute pain. As they progress through their treatments, they feel so much better and are able to get back into the swing of their lives.


Nicolle really enjoys the process of seeing them improve and knowing that the staff at West Orange Wellness has been a part of their positive life improvement.


Nicolle came to West Orange Wellness after spending 7 years with McDonald’s, the last 5 years as a manager. When she began working at West and got adjusted, she learned that she had a condition called scoliosis. After treatment she felt so much better and personally appreciated what a positive effect that Chiropractic can have on a person.

When not at West Orange Wellness, Nicolle loves spending time with her boyfriend and their beautiful 8 month old daughter, Jaelyn. As a family they love going to Disney World, the beach and enjoy cooking together.

Nicolle is the first person our patients see when they walk into our West Orange office. We’re so glad she’s a part of our Orange Wellness family.

Dr. Robert Ostheim-Staff Spotlight

Dr. Robert Ostheim-Staff Spotlight


Meet Dr. Robert Ostheim, our West Orange Wellness & Injury Center’s Clinic Director and Chiropractor.

Dr. Robert grew up in Central Florida and played soccer and tennis while in high school.  In fact, his love of sports is what indirectly led him to becoming a chiropractor!  He played a lot of tennis and got a lot of neck and upper injuries while playing.  At the time, he went to his traditional family doctor with his complaints.  The doctor didn’t evaluate these issues, but instead just wrote him a prescription for pain killers and told him to stop playing tennis.  Dr. Robert didn’t want to stop playing tennis and felt that the painkillers would not address the physical injuries.  About this time a friend of his recommended that Robert see his chiropractor.

Dr. Robert took his friend’s advice and is very glad he did.  That chiropractor opened his eyes to what healthcare could really be. While in college he was originally planning to be a med student and his experience with chiropractic changed his career direction.  Instead of treating sickness, chiropractic focuses on treating the problem and fixing it.  Drugs only mask the symptoms.  So while he was an undergraduate student majoring in Chemistry at USF, he decided to pursue a career in chiropractic.  He received his BA in chemistry and then went to the National College of Chiropractic (NCC) in Chicago and graduated in 1999.  After graduating NCC he wanted to return to Orlando to begin his career.  He worked at another chiropractic office for a few years and in 2004 he interviewed with Dr. Jeffrey Shebovsky and was blown away by the quality of South Orange Wellness & Injury Center and the treatment Dr. Jeff provided.  Dr. Robert became a member of the South Orange Wellness & Injury Center family n 2004.  West Orange Wellness & Injury Center wasn’t opened until 2008.

Dr. Shebovsky opened West Orange Wellness & Injury Center in 2008 and Dr. Robert moved over there as Clinic Director and Chiropractor.  His caring and interest in every patient’s wellness is evident in the way he treats them as individuals and in his warm and friendly manner.  Dr. Robert’s favorite patients are those that come in initially with pain and suffering, then by following their recommended treatments,j they are able to get past the pain and continue with maintenance care to prevent sickness.    They understand that the body can heal itself.

When Dr. Robert is not at the clinic, he enjoys being active in community affairs and is a member of the Central Florida Chiropractic Society and the Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA).  He loves spending some of his free time playing golf and spending quality time with his fiance Catherine.   He loves cooking quality healthy meals.  As a child he developed a love for cooking since his parents used to own a gourmet kitchen shop!

Dr. Robert looks forward to sharing his love of chiropractic and wellness with all of his patients!

Frances Valle-Staff Spotlight

Frances Valle-Staff Spotlight


Frances Valle

Meet Frances Valle, our East Orange Wellness & Injury Center’s Office Manager. She has just celebrated her 10 – year anniversary with the Clinic. When Frances first came to East Orange Wellness, Dr. Eric Feiter had just opened the office near Waterford Lakes Shopping Center and Frances was his first employee. She began by training at South Orange wellness for a short time. Then, once East was opened, she did everything from designing the office and picking out furniture to managing the front desk, doing the billing and learning physical therapy.

As the years have passed Frances has transitioned from the front desk to whatever else needed to be done. She took on the role of Office Manager about 2 years ago. As the Office Manager, Frances is in charge of the overseeing of the office, and making sure that everything runs smoothly. Dr. Eric Feiter, Clinic Director explains that “Frances embodies everything he has strived to build here, which is an office to service the multitudes with love, compassion and great quality care.”

When asked about what she enjoys most about being at East Orange Wellness, Francis smiles broadly and says “the people I work with. We have become a family. Dr. Eric is an amazing person and he is always there for his staff and his patients.” She adds that they always do everything they can to accommodate the wellness needs of their patients. Their patients have become “family” as well.

Frances is the proud mom of two boys. Her oldest son, Jiovanni is 14 years old and her youngest son, Darien is 10. Both of them have received adjustments since they were both very young. When she’s not at the clinic, Frances and her husband, Carlos especially love spending time with their sons at SeaWorld’s Aquatica, one of their favorite places. They love the water rides and treasure their “together time.” She loves to travel and has been white water rafting in Costa Rica and zip lining in Jamaica.

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