Intravenous (IV) / Vitamin Infusion Therapy 

Intravenous (IV) infusion therapy offers patients an infusion of vitamins injected into the body to help with things like stress relief, immune health boost, hydration, and more.

Wellness Infusion (A.K.A. Myer’s Cocktail, the Gold Standard)

Provides vitamins and minerals, as well as hydration, directly into your bloodstream to maximize overall health and wellness. As this IV infusion therapy bypasses the digestive system, it is also ideal for those with issues around malabsorption (as a result of weight loss surgery), Crohn’s disease, pernicious anemia, and celiac disease.

Booster Infusion  

Provides added B vitamins to increase your energy, enhance your mood, and help your body deal with stress. Since B vitamins also increase your metabolism, this booster is ideal for patients who want to maximize weight loss efforts.

Immunity and Recovery Booster Infusion 

Provides Vitamin C to help your body fight or the flu or a cold, allergies, or any illnesses. As Vitamin C helps your body heal faster, this IV infusion therapy is a great option for post-surgical patients.

Beauty Booster Infusion

Provides age-busting antioxidants to protect your cells from harmful toxins. Since Vitamin C is needed for collagen production, this IV infusion treatment will help fight fine lines and wrinkles. Glutathione also assists in decreasing blemishes and helps to brighten the skin. The booster is great for patients who want to maximize their results from receiving fillers, Botox, Kybella, as well as other facial rejuvenation procedures.

The Morning After Infusion

Did you overindulge last night? The Morning After Infusion delivers extra hydration, plus added vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream along with medications for headaches and nausea to help you recover quickly from a hangover.

*IV Infusion therapies are only currently available at the Orange Wellness South location