Relax, Breath, & Find Some Comfort …

A woman’s body goes through a tremendous amount of changes during pregnancy. From her pelvic and back to overall posture being altered, plus some weight gain, mothers-to-be go through a ton of discomfort and pain (for nine entire months) while they are expecting.

The good news, other than your bundle of joy is set to arrive soon, is that Orange Wellness has your back, and we can help. Many moms-to-be turn to chiropractic care during their pregnancy because it is an all-natural, safe, and drug-free option for pain relief (as well as prevention) so that pregnancy can be as comfortable as possible (if that is even possible!)
Benefits around chiropractic care during pregnancy include:

  • Natural pain relief within the neck, back, and joints
  • Controlling symptoms of morning sickness and nausea
  • Decreased labor and delivery times
  • Assist with optimal baby positioning by maintaining pelvic balance
  • Increase Immune system function
  • Sleep better