PRP Hair Restoration

PRP Treatments for Hair Loss

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an injection treatment that uses the components of a person’s own blood to stimulate hair growth.

Platelets are very small cells in your blood that are involved in the clotting process. When PRP is injected into a damaged area, it causes a mild inflammation that triggers the healing cascade.

As the platelets organize in the tissue, they release several enzymes to promote the healing and restoration of tissue. They’ve also been proven to promote and stimulate hair growth.

The platelet-rich plasma is separated from the rest of the blood and then activated with a small amount of calcium to allow the release of growth factors from the platelets, which in turn, amplifies the healing process. Following the administration of local anesthetic cream, PRP is then injected directly into thinning areas of a patient’s scalp. 

Approximately three treatments are needed initially, spread over four weeks between each procedure. After that, more treatments might be needed, depending on the response, and men are advised to get added procedures done every six months (due to testosterone), while women would come in annually after the first initial three treatments are done.  

*PRP Treatments for hair loss are currently only available at the Orange Wellness South location

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